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BNP holding closed-door meeting

BNP's acting chairman Tarique Rahman is hosting an intimate meeting with the BNP's vice-chairman and advisors, in the afternoon of today -- just prior to the 12th National Election in 2023. The meeting started with a briefing at BNP chairman's headquarters in the city of Dhaka's Gulshan about 4pm, the party's Secretary General Mirza Fakrul Islam alamgir told The Daily Star. The meeting was arranged to examine the political environment in the country, and to solicit opinions of the leaders on what they need to do to help restore democracy The leader of the BNP said that BNP leader. BNP leader. Tarique Rahman will seek the opinion of the leaders to decide on what the role for the group in the present situation and think about strategies to increase the participation of the party in the field Fakhrul said. Fakhrul. The total number of of the top leaders, including vice-chairman as well as advisers to the chairperson are taking part in the conference